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How to run [L]Ubuntu 14.10 without PAE support.


I wanted to run Lubuntu on my old laptop (a Dell Inspiron 8600 with a cpu=Intel Pentium M@1.6GHz and 2GB of RAM) but I couldn’t even boot it in live-CD. When I tried, I got an error saying PAE (Physical Address Extension) is missing: Read the rest of this entry »

VNC –versus– special chars.


I want to remote my Ubuntu 14.10 laptop via x11vnc and so I did it; everything works fine, except a few (annoying) things. There is a problem with special characters (e.g.: for a “@”, the regular key-combo <Alt Gr>+ò resulted in a “2”). That’s no news: x11vnc man-page has a few workarounds (see here). Read the rest of this entry »

On-the-go FTP-server: anonymous uploads & password-protected access on vsftpd.


I see a lot of exotic file-sharing solutions. They make sense in a WAN, but in LAN I still prefer classics, so I decided to configure my laptop (Ubuntu 14.10) with an on-the-go ftp-server. The implementation I choosed is vsftpd. Why? Because runs on it!

Here it is what I did: Read the rest of this entry »