VNC –versus– screensaver


Looks like my [L]Ubuntu 14.10 host is kinda “resistent” to x11vnc: another of these nasty problems is the block-screen. The default package (for this task) has recently changed to light-locker; it turns out that, as a side-effect, light-locker switches current VT to something else, (I guess) VT8, (where default Xorg/X11 session is usually in VT7).

The problem is, this behavior breaks remoting, since -doing so- it makes impossible for x11vnc (running in VT7) to remote the lock-screen in VT8(?). Of course you still could unlock the session from local (and then you’d find x11vnc still there), but … who cares?! (If we needed vnc, there must be a reason!)

To fix that, you just have to remove light-locker and get back to something more classic (e.g.: xscreensaver), so the fix is:

sudo apt-get purge light-locker
sudo apt-get install xscreensaver

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