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How to FIX Ubuntu desktop sharing (vino VNC-server)


My favourite VNC used to be x11vnc, but I decided to give a try to default Ubuntu desktop sharing (that is vino): too bad! I couldn’t even connect due to an authentication error. Read the rest of this entry »

From foreground to background.


Sometimes you start a task from a console, let it run for a while, and then realize you should have been doing it in background. A typical example of that, is launching x11vnc from a ssh shell, connecting to the remote vnc-server via vncviewer, and then closing the ssh shell; that of course would terminate all children tasks, including x11vnc, even if (and I don’t know why, actually) you launched them with the “&” appended (this usually puts the issued command in background execution). To avoid early termination, you could simply minimize the console window, and forget it. But we are nerds. We never forget. Read the rest of this entry »

VNC –versus– screensaver


Looks like my [L]Ubuntu 14.10 host is kinda “resistent” to x11vnc: another of these nasty problems is the block-screen. The default package (for this task) has recently changed to light-locker; it turns out that, as a side-effect, light-locker switches current VT to something else, (I guess) VT8, (where default Xorg/X11 session is usually in VT7). Read the rest of this entry »